Sermon Series


Series: Sometimes forced separation or severe tragedy brings a clarity to life. Our common days are filled with distractions and responsibilities that we often allow to cloud our priorities.

The writings of Apostle John help us “calibrate” again what should be the core truths and assurances to our lives at all times.

9/17/17 - Making Joy Complete John is an exile who writes what is deeply important to him to people he loves. His hope is not only to share the truth of what he has seen as an eyewitness, but to enable others to share in his joy. The great happiness in life is not only to have personally experienced life in its fullness, but to have seen someone else know this joy also.

9/24/17 - Coffee Stains and the Work of Christ John clearly states the Good News that God brings light, righteousness, and cleansing. Any sin or darkness left behind is a stain that reveals a refusal to walk with God.

10/1/17 - In His Steps The classic novel by Charles Sheldon which inspired many readers and gave encouragement to people who wondered what their lives should be like after accepting Christians. “WWJD” was a more recent example of this. John instructs all that living “without sin” is seeking God’s love and its perfection in personality.

10/8/17 - The Importance of Commandments Following the Commandments of God in OT and in Jesus Christ enables us to “abide” in Him. These “works” do not save us (works), but they give us guidance in relations with others.

10/15/17 - People of the Lie (Title of M. Scott Peck’s book); The willingness of some to live as if evil does not exist – “loving the worldrather than God. Some who claim to be Christians or “believers in God” actually do not love God at all. “They went out from us, they were never of us” (:19). The “anointing” of God, the Holy Spirit in us is our guide to truth.

10/22/17 - What Sin Is The practice of lawlessness is how to identify ungodly people. A refusal to follow the LAW is a refusal to seek the way of Jesus Christ. The “fruit” or walk of a person is not “judging others”, but seeing clearly as God does. The LAW is given as a training aide to the way we “see things”.page1image28696 page1image28856 page1image29016 page1image29176 page1image29336 page1image29496

10/29/17 - The Second Message First message (1:5) was about who Jesus Christ was and how believing In Him placed light into our search for God. The second (3:11) message is an extension of the first and enables us to know who knows God. Those who “love one another” are expressing to others the commands of God they follow in Jesus Christ.

11/5/17 - Living The Greater Life – “Test every spirit” (:1) is John’s great encouragement to apply the above “tests” to the many false prophets of His day (and ours). The tests are “about Jesus” (:2) and are the basis for overcoming the world. “Greater” (:4) is better. The question is who is Jesus to you?

11/12/17 - God Is Love Learning who God is encourages our understanding of why grace is His expression to us, it is why when we are following God truly we are filled with a compulsion to love and extend grace to others.

11/26/17 - How To Know You Are Saved Our faith and testimony are the substance of what God responds to with His gift of life. “The gist of obedience is not submission, but trust.” (anonymous).

12/3/17 - What we Know Now – The result of John’s writing from exile is assurance. Anyone who reads this letter should “KNOW” (6 things) and separate what is “true” (20-21) from false idols. It should also make clear that the basic sin is violating the 1st commandment. So, he ends his letter by simply, “Keep yourselves from idols” (sin) by keeping these things in mind.