LIFE Groups

What are LIFE Groups?

LIFE Groups are small groups of people meeting together each Sunday morning to study God's Word and share relevant applications to their lives. We help each other with struggles, celebrate victories, and pray for each other.

There are many different LIFE Groups available for you to develop intimate, lifelong friendships. These groups are organized by marital status, gender, and/or age if you prefer. Here is a complete listing of our Adult LIFE Groups:

9:15 A.M. LIFE Groups:

Preschool - Birth thru 3's

Preschool Kids' Kingdom - 4's thru Kindergarten

KidsTown (1-3 grade)

45 Express LIFE Groups (4-5 grade)

Treasured Ones and Open Arms - for Special Needs children and adults

Middle School LIFE Groups (6-8 grade)

High School LIFE Groups (9-12 grade)

College & Young Adult LIFE Group

Adult LIFE Groups:

  •  3 Strands (Marrieds with no children)– Leader: Erin McCallon
  •  Life Now (Parents of Preschoolers) - Leaders: Stephen Edworthy and Brandon Slaydon, Gospel Project Curriculum
  •  Parents of Preschoolers 2 - Leaders:  Trey Rothenberger and Blake Souers, Explore the Bible Curriculum
  •  Foundations (Parents of elementary - aged children) 
  •  Parents of Teenagers (Parents of Middle schoolers and High schoolers) - Leaders: Greg and Karen Cain, Scott Doyle
  •  Journey (open to all ages and stages)-  Leaders: Daniel Antonio and Rick Walker
  •  The Notables (Parents of College-age students and Empty Nesters)- Leaders: Kent & Lori Dickard
  • Women's LIFE Group - (For women of all ages and stages) - Leaders: Jenn Harris, Lindsay Ehle


10:45 A.M. LIFE Groups:

Preschool LIFE Groups for birth thru Kindergarten

Children LIFE Groups for 1-3 grades

45 Express LIFE Groups (4-5 grade)

Treasured Ones and Open Arms - for our Special Needs children and adults

Adult LIFE Groups:

  • Homebuilders (Marrieds with children at home, coed) - Leaders: Ron Hornback, Oak and Sue Hall, Chip and Sally Woodward
  • WORD (40's and 50's, coed) -  Leader: Darrell Hancock
  • FOCUS (50's, coed) - Leaders: Max Wright, Bill Owen, Billy Edon, Pat DeFoe
  • Adult 2 (50-60, coed) -  Leader: Larry Golden
  • Adult 1 (60 and up, coed) -   Leaders: David Ivy and Dr. James Kelly
  • WOW: Women of Worship - (Women of all ages) - Leaders: Ricki Dodd and Kathy Hogan
  • Adult 3 Ladies (40 and up, women) - Leader: Anne Vandagriff
  • Adult 1 Ladies (60 and up, women) - Leader: Anna Zimmer
  • Adult 2 Men (Men of all ages) - Leader: Jim Schepens
  • Seekers (all ages, coed) -  Leaders: Dan Baker, Barbara Comstock, Steve Johnson


10:20-10:40 A.M. “The Gathering”

 "The Gathering" is a time of connecting in the Fellowship Hall for coffee and conversation. You can register for different Bible Studies and church activities. The main purpose of "The Gathering" is for fellowship with other church members, friends, and guests.



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